• Spectacle Blind
  • Spectacle Blind

Spectacle Blind

Spectacle Blind are created and engineerd by CF Service technical department according to your specific needs. The CF Service Spectacle Blind are available in different materials and dimensions and they are manufactured in two parts: the blind side and the sealing side. Our taylor made solutions are suitable also with a special grooved sealing surface
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Spectacle Blind

    • Metal parts: Stainless Steel 304 T max 550 °C | Stainless Steel 316/L/Ti T max 550 °C | Stainless Steel 321 T max 550 °C | Alloy 400, 600, 800, 825: T max 600 – 950 °C | Hastelloy C276, B2 T max 450 °C | Titanium T max 350 °C
Spectacle Blind

Applied in the chemical, petrochemical, gas and related industries and for specific needs also in the pharmaceutical and food industries. Thanks to the highest technology, quality and sustainability have a strong impact on production or downtime.

Series 1000 - Flat gasket non asbestos

Universal uses such as hydrocarbons, water, drinking water, industrial water, seawater, gas and chemicals with low aggression

Series 2000 - Flat gasket graphite SGL

flexible, resistant to almost all chemicals, environmentally friendly, wide operating temperature range, resistant to aging, lasting stability under load and constant elastic recovery even with changes in temperature, does not generate creep or cold flow, resistant to high pressures, good thermal and electrical conductivity, easy to cut and punch.

Series 3000 - Flat gasket PTFE

Applied in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, process lines with strong acids and bases (pH 0–14), food industries. They are composed of pure virgin ptfe, which combines chemical resistance to a wide range of chemical agents, a low coefficient of friction and excellent dielectric feautures

Series 4000 - Spiral wound gasket

Composed of a metal plate with a special profile wrapped with a filler of material called insulation. For chemical-petrochemical plants, refineries, power plants.

Series 5000 - Metal jacketed gasket

widely used in chemical, petrochemical and refinery industries and are mainly installed on pressure vessels such as heat exchangers, reactors and columns.

Series 6000 - Camprofile

sSuitable for use on chemical, petrochemical and refinery plants and power stations. The concentric geometric shape of the metal core's profile provides pressure peaks at the tops of the ridges, thus stopping all leakage through the sealing surfaces (labyrinth effect).

Series 7000 - Ring Joint

Used in refineries, power stations, petrochemical industries, gas return systems and high-pressure valves.. Developed according to international standards ASME B16.20 (API 6A) of oval, octagonal or customized drawing.

Series 8000 - Metallic

Used in pressure vessels where a high-quality seal is required (e.g. Ta – Luft) in addition to a seal that will stay stable regardless the deformation and/or expansion while the equipment is operating.

Series 9000 - Solid gaskets

Used on equipments with critical operating temperatures and pressures. The special shape of the solid metal gaskets with insets combines the lasting stability of the solid part with the compensation, conformability and elastic recovery properties of graphite, even on existing system flanges.

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