• Metallic safety shields

Metallic safety shields

The metallic safety shields are the perfect complement of the flanged coupling in case of dangerous and critical situations.
It is made of a strong outside AISI316L barrier and an internal welded multilayer system which enhance the performance up to 900C° and 90 bar and can protect the gasket inside the flanges.
It can be customized according to the customers specific needs and can be manufactured with a special drainage system in order to preserve the environment.
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Metallic safety shields

    Engineered with an outside AISI 316L layer and a welded multilayer system in order to detect and contain the leakage. 
    • Temperature max: 900C°
    • Pressure max: 90 bar

    On request:
    1. Drenage system to protect the environment
    2. Metal conveyor for conductung the leakege to special containers
    3. Loss collector
Metallic safety shields
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