• Graphite-filled expanded PTFE
  • Graphite-filled expanded PTFE

Graphite-filled expanded PTFE

Graphite expanded PTFE packing is made of pure expanded ptfe yarn, with graphite incorporated and lubricated with silicone oil.
The flexibility, the chemical resistance, the low friction coefficient and the remarkable heat dissipation properties of the ptfe + graphite, make the braid one of the most versatile and most used in the market.
Thanks to its wide range of applications, it can effectively replace many other braids, considerably reducing inventory levels.

  • Ideal for oil & gas and chemical plants
  • Strong resistance to corrosive chemicals

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Graphite-filled expanded PTFE

    • Density: 1.6 g/cm³
    • pH: 0 – 14
    • Temperature: -200°C +280 °C
    • Speed: 25 m/s
    • Rotating pressure: 35 bar
    • Alternate pressure: 100 bar
    • Static pressure: 250 bar
Graphite-filled expanded PTFE
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