• Revoseal JP-2

Revoseal JP-2


The internationally patented geometry of outer and inner cogging completely encapsulates the GRAPHITE or PTFE layers.

The tooth geometry has been calculated in such a way that even at using low quality bolts an ideal compression of the graphite layers and a double metallic sealing can be achieved. Therefore, Jungtec JP (encapsulated flat proile gaskets) combine the advantages of metal and composite materials in an ideal way.

  • Service temperature up to 1000 °C using graphite layers SGL Carbon
  • Measured leakage rate less than 10exp-11 mbar.l/m.s
  • Resistance to oxidation and thermal cycling till 1500 lbs rating

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Revoseal JP-2

    • Temperature: -200 °C + 1000 °C (dependent on the carrier material)
    • Specific loss rate: 1x 10-11 mbar x l/ (m x s) (acc.to Ta-Luft VDI2440)
    • Pressure: to 400 bar (1,500 lbs) m factor: 1.0
    • Qs max: 500 MPa
    • Qs min: 200 MPa
    • The effective gasket width: can be adapted in order to achieve optimum sealability in accordance to the Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control (TA-Luft), VDI 2290 according to DIN EN 1591
    • Total thickness: 4.2 mm (additional thicknesses on request)
    • Material available: AISI 304, AISI 304L, AISI 316/L/Ti, , AISI 321, AISI 347 (alloys on request)
    • JP-2 profiles reproduce the tongue and groove principle
    • Lowest leakage rates of all gaskets available on the market
    • Fire Safe Certificate according to API 607 (also for PTFE), blow-out resistance according to VDI 2200 and Ta-Luft approved acc. to VDI2440

Revoseal JP-2
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