• CF 3024
  • CF 3024

CF 3024

CF3024 is made entirely from multidirectionally expanded pure PTFE.
With its excellent chemical and heat resistance, it can be used in a wide variety of applications in almost all areas of industry.
The superior conformability of expanded PTFE means it can be applied for flanges that feature surface irregularities or damage, flanges that require low torque loads, and glass lined flanges.
Its most common applications include: standard flanges, compressors, heat exchangers and manholes.

  • Ideal for installations that require low tightening torques
  • It can also be supplied in the form of an adhesive strip for emergency repairs
  • FDA certified for food use

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CF 3024

    • Material: Pure expanded ptfe
    • Temperature: – 240 °C; + 270 °C (for short periods of service even up to +315 ° C)
    • Pressure: From the vacuum up to 200 Bar
    • pH: 0 – 14 except for molten alkaline metals and elemental fluorine
    • Density: 0.60 – 0.70 g/cm3
    • Resistance to aging: Undamaged
    • Certifications: FDA | Ta – Luft VDI 2440 |Blow out VDI 2200 | BAM
    • Gasket factors(ASTM): m factor: 2.00 | factor: 2800 psi (19.31 MPa)
CF 3024
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