• Insulation kit

Insulation kit

Insulation kits are widely used for the electrical insulation of flanged couplings, even in critical conditions and in the presence of dangerous fluids.
This type of kit consists of an insulating gasket, an insulating sleeve for each bolt, two insulating washers for each bolt and two steel washers (carbon or stainless steel) for each bolt.
It can also be used for the prevention of galvanic corrosion.

  • Ideal for electrically isolating flanges
  • Wide range of applications even at high temperatures and pressures

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Insulation kit

    • Available profiles: GIK1, GIK2, GIK3
    • The standard kit consists of:
    • N°2 Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel washers per each bolt
    • N°2 insultating washers per each bolt
    • N°1 insulating sleeve per each bolt
    • N°1 insulating gasket (type GIK1, GIK2 o GIK3)

    Test Method GIK1 GIK2 GIK3
    Compression resistance 65,000 psi 50,000 psi 25,000 psi
    Dielectric strength 750 VPM 520 VPM 500 VPM
    Temperature -200°C +200 °C Max 150°C -50°C +100°C
    Pressure Vacuum to a 700 bar Max 80 bar Max 40 bar
    Water absorption 0.085% 0.10% 1.6%
    Flexural strength 57,700 psi 55,000 psi 22,500 psi
    Tensile strength 41,000 psi 35,000 psi 20,000 psi
Insulation kit
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