• Isolation kit EVO

Isolation kit EVO

Isolation kit type EVO is a kit designed for electrical and corrosion flange isolation. This kit is suitable for using in Raised Face, Full Faced and RTJ Flanges up to ANSI class 2500 and is  excellent for isolating flanges made of dissimilar metals and is protected against corrosion by a special non conductive coating and Fire Safe. The design of the type EVO incorporates a FSA insulating gasket engineered against corrosion. The result of this advanced seal design makes EVO suitable for using at high temperature and high pressure, seawater service and protected against marine corrosion with both excellent dielectric behaviour and superior anticorrosion barrier characteristics.
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Isolation kit EVO

    Application: Seawater service for preventing marine corrosion

    Max. Temperature: 260C°

    Max. Pressure: 300bar

    Approvals: Fire Safe API6FB

Isolation kit EVO
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