• Fabric safety shields

Fabric safety shields

CF Service® fabric safety shields are suitable for various applications and chemical agents, thanks to its flexible manufacture.
The high quality materials can be selected according to the different conditions, starting from basic to high temperatures. According to the quality of the gasket inside, it is able to work for a long time period.
The production procedure includes a particular treatment which allows the safety shield to change the color during an unexpected loss of media.
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Fabric safety shields

    Available in different materials (PTFE, PVC, glass fiber, etc..), is perfectly engineered for every kind of flange of valve. It is manufactured according to the internazional standards of dimensions and according to the specific needs of the customer

    • On request:

    1. Leakage detector which varies its color according to the type of leakage
    2. Drenage system to protect the environment
    3. Metal conveyor for conductung the leakege to special containers
    4. Loss collector
Fabric safety shields
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