• CF 5060
  • CF 5060

CF 5060

CF5060 is a corrugated gasket composed of a metal disk, corrugated with a special concentric profile, coated above and below by two layers of expanded graphite.
The particular concentric conformation of the profile of the metal part of the corrugated gaskets, guarantees pressure peaks in correspondence with the apices such as to reduce the initial trim load and facilitate sealing with the same clamping load.
Corrugated gaskets reduce leakage through the sealing surfaces (labyrinth effect). They can withstand high temperatures and pressures; resistant to a wide variety of chemicals.

  • Ideal for installations that require low tightening torques
  • Also ideal for high temperatures
  • Wide choice of structural conformations, types of alloys and fillers

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CF 5060

    • Metal parts: Stainless Steel, alloy, non-ferrous metals, carbon steel
    • Filler materials: Expanded graphite ***CF Service standard quality: purity > 98% | Ash content < 50 ppm | Sulphide content < 700 ppm
    • Corrosion inhibitor
    • Temperature: max 600 °C
    • Pressure: max 150 Bar
    • Flange surface finish: 125 – 250 AARH
    • Gasket factors (ASTM): m factor 3.75 | y facotr 3750 psi (25.86 MPa)
    • Approvals: TA-Luft VDI2440
CF 5060
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