• CF 1200
  • CF 1200

CF 1200

CF1200 is a gasket composed of aramidic fibers free of asbestos, lamellar graphite, and NBR rubber.
The sealing surfaces are treated with an anti-stick coating that provides for bonding on the flanges and facilitates their removal.
It is particularly suitable for use with fuels and acids, weak acids and alkalis, oils, saturated steam.
To increase the mechanical strength, a reinforcing metal mesh can be inserted internally.
DIN-ANSI standards for male flange, RF, FF and a design for exchangers.

  • Ideal for use at high temperatures
  • Can be supplied with internal reinforcing carbon steel mesh

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CF 1200

    • Materials: Asbestos-free joint, aramid fiber, lamellar graphite, NBR rubber | Internal metal reinforcement (on request)
    • Density: 1,75 g/cm³
    • Resistance: Temperature from – 40 °C to + 350 °C (400°C maximus)
    • Pressure: max 120 Bar
    • Comprimibility (ASTM F36A): 7%
    • Elastic recovery (ASTM F36A): 60%
    • Tensile strength (ASTM 152): 18 N/mm2
    • Oil immersion behavior (ASTM F146 N3 per 5h at 150 °C)
    • Increased thickness: 5%
    • Surface flange finish: 125 – 500 AARH
    • Gasket factors (ASTM): m factor 2.5 | y factor 2500 psi (17.24 MPa)
CF 1200
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